Our Services

If you intend to buy any product manufactured in The Netherlands or all over the world, Nadir Trading is able to provide you

with the high quality and competitive prices.

We seek manufacturers that meet your need.

We speak your language, you do not need to worry about the communication.

With our services you can save time and money by avoiding traveling to Europe.

Our mission is to find the best products at the best prices.

Our mission is to supervise, inspect and prepare the goods for international shipping, follow them up, and ensure their arrival.

We provide competitive shipping rates.

We follow-up bank transfers and ensure their arrival.

We ensure the issue of all required documents in the import country ; such as the invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, quality certificate, environmental certificate, international inspection certificate, in addition to the international bill of lading.

We provide an additional service to the customer, upon prior agreement with him, by hosting him and preparing business meetings with the manufacturers.

We provide additional service to the customer by searching for a specific product according to the special specifications they request.

We are distinguished by excellent services and building a large and reliable network of relationships with companies in the European Union, the Middle East, Northeast Africa, Thailand and China.

Trust is the basis of our success.