Dairy products & equipment

dairy-products– The diary industry, which includes production of cheese, yogurt, butter, ice-cream, whey products and of course all the different types of milk, from milk that is pasteurized and packaged in bottles or cartons, to powder milk and canned condensed milk, is an important part of the food industry.
– By investing in high-quality, reliable equipment you can ensure that you produce a product of uniform quality and stay on production schedule.
– You need to have an opportunity to face the future of the industry with certainty and to keep up with the competition.
– We are available to discuss your needs and ready to search your suitable dairy equipment.
– With us you can be assured of reliable equipment with the highest quality.
– Since we established our company we started dealing with Bashir Abujilidan Trade Center in Jordan. We supply him regularly with used milk tanks and dairy equipment.
The main companies we deal with in the Netherlands are Uni Tanks in Lemelerveld and Lekkerkerker Dairy&food equipment in Lopik.